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Committed to helping meet your breeding goals

With over 20 years of experience in the breeding industry, Wai Eyre Farm is the perfect choice as a breeding base for your broodmare.

We consistently achieve above average in-foal rates on farm in both fresh and frozen semen.

Being a preferred semen transport base for most Australasian major studs, we are able to breed your mare to the stallion of your choice.

We have a very close working relationship with the equine vet team at Rangiora Vet Centre, led by head equine veterinarian Andrew Bailey. Andrew is particularly passionate about getting mares in foal, and is extremely skilled, particularly with frozen semen and embryo transfers.

Andrew and our staff are both committed to helping you meet your breeding goals and strive to ensure that every mare is given the opportunity to have a successful pregnancy.

Embryo Transfer (ET):

We are able to facilitate your ET programme here at Wai Eyre Farm. With Andrew's skill and experience, coupled with our ability to provide suitable recipient mares, we have an excellent history of successful embryo transfers.

To discuss an ET program for your mare, please contact Andrew Bailey direct on 0274 340 516.

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